Oxygen Care

Oxygen Skin Care

Detailed Product Description


1.moisturize facial skin
3.Humanized menu
4.Air+water+semiconductor cooling system


  • Deep cleanses and moisturizes facial skin
  • Facilitate acne removal
  • Enhances skin flexibility and firmness

How does this work?

Highly pressurized Ozone (O3) and nutrient-rich water are sprayed onto the skin’s surface to initially force the pores to expand. Both O3 and water enter deep within the pores to cleanse the epidermal layer of acne-causing bacterium. The added vitamins and nutrients in the liquid solution aid to control and limit skin breakouts in the future.

This procedure also stimulates increased blood circulation in the treated area thus, heating up the skin. This promotes new production of collagenous fibres which increases skin elasticity and tightening.


Input Power


Jet speed

>250 m/s

O3 Concentration

106 mg/ cm3

Gas Source

Input and Output air intakes

Diameter of Atomized Particles


Input Air Pressure

0.8 MPa (max), Internal Air Gas Source

Output Air Pressure

0.8 MPa (min), External Air Gas Source

Continuous Working Pressure

0.4 MPa, Internal Air Gas Source

Rated Input Voltage

AC230/50Hz, AC110/60Hz (Optional)

Hand piece


Net Weight

50 Kg


52cm(L)×40cm(W) ×86cm(H)