Erbium Glass Laser

Er(Erbium) Glass laser(1540 nm)

Detailed Product Description


Wrinkle Removal/Acne and Scar Removal/Pigmented Lesions Removal/Age-spots, Sun-spots and Freckles Removal/Complexion Improving&

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Er: Glass Laser(1540nm)MED-840



Wrinkle Removal/Acne and Scar Removal/Pigmented Lesions Removal/

Age-spots, Sun-spots and Freckles Removal/Complexion Improving/Stretch Marks Reduction


*Features & Advantages:

1) No downtime

2) Rapid healing.

3) Fractional columns prevent unnecessary heat accumulation, as opposed to the more painful delivery method of scanning devices.

4) Ease of treatment

5) Fractional laser treatment is safe for most skin types

6) High Energy Outputs, high effective

7) CE&CE medical approved,the produciton processes are according to ISO13485,93/42/EEC standards.



*Technical Parameter:


Lamp pumped Er glass laser

1)Light source:

1.535 μm

2)Wave length:



1000 MTZs/cm²: 6,8mj.

3)MTZ Energy and density:

5 ,10 ms  optional

4)Pulse width:

Single 1Hz. Optional

5)Repetition rate

10x10 mm

6)Size of microlens array:

sapphire continuously contact cooling


AV210-240 V/4A

8)Electrical Req.

52x54x116cm( L*W*H)

9)System Size:

74 kg.


(Er:YAG Laser(2940 nm

Detailed Product Description

er laser scar removal machine high output power simple operating system entire cooling system ensure safe and comfortable


1) Removal of fine lines and deeper wrinkles of face, neck, and striae gravidarum, etc.

2) Reduction of age spots and blemishes;

3) Repair of sun damaged skin on the face, neck, shoulders and hands;

4) Reduction of hyperpigmentation (darker pigment or brown patches in the skin);

5) Improvement of scars attributed to operation, injury, and acne;

6) Others: various pigmentary disease, pigmented lesions, artery disease, skin pore shrinking, acne Inflammation & scarring, photo-damaged and aged skin resurfacing.


*Features & Advantages:

1) Safe and comfortable treatment with minimal downtime

2) Remarkable results after the non-ablative laser treatment

3) The skin structure have a good absorb of 2940nm laser, It through the skin is very shallow, 170ms continue heat let the skin resume very fast, less pigmentation

4) Fractional laser treatment is safe for most skin types, which includes Fitzpatrick skin  types IV and V; Asian, Indian, -Hispanic and lighter toned black skin.

5) High Energy Outputs, high effective

6) CE&CE medical approved,the produciton processes are according to ISO13485,93/42/EEC standards.


*Work Theory:

Er:YAG laser equipment with the wave length of 2940nm is one kind of solid-state laser machine. Due to the high absorption peak to water at this wave length, the skin will be quickly heated while its working on with Er:YAG laser and instantly peeling off the pathological tissues. The treatment features a shallow exposing depth only, therefore the affected part can be healed nearly without any recovery time.

*Technical Parameter:

Er:YAG laser

Laser Source

2940 nm





Pulse Frequency






Spot Size

Air Cooling & Close Water Circulation Cooling

Cooling System

50cm*46cm*112cm (L*W*H)