IPL Med 110C


Detailed Product Description


1.IPLQuality guarantee

2.IPL Good after-sales service

3. IPL OEM manufacture

4.IPL with CE approve


L Totally new design   new model !

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1.Ipl  hair removal.  ipl  can clear away any kinds and any where of body & facial hair.The ipl machine may arrive at hypodermic 15 nm , different color and different depths hair can be removed.

2.Ipl  Spot removel. remove all kinds of spots, Including Freckle, Butterfly spot. Chloasma, Cyasma etc.

3.Ipl  Red cappilary and acne . Great effect on Red Capillary and Acne removal. scra of acne and erythema, it can close abnorble blood vessels, clean the skin, kills the acne bacillus.

4.Ipl skin rejuvenation. The ipl  stimulate collagen proliferation, make skin tighing and lifing, Remove wrinkle from our skin and meet much more glossy.




1.Ipl  No pain, Needn't anesthesia,No side effect.

2.Ipl  Join Radio Frequency, the function are more than traditional IPL, the effect is better.

3.Ipl  Color LCD touch screen with english menu, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.

4.Ipl  Humanized menu, both the beauty salon or the family, is very ueser-friendly.

5.Ipl Semiconductor refrigeration,colse water circulation , air cooled with one machine, more safety and comfortable.


IPL Technical Spesifications:




430/530/640~200nm(standard) 690/480/520/755/590/~1200nm(Optional)

2)Spot size:

12*33mm²(standard); 15*35mm², 15*50mm( optional)

3)IPL light energy:


4)Pulse Duration:


5)Pulse  Delay :


6)Pulse Sequence:

1-6 pulses

7)Integrated Skin Cooling:


8)Operation Interface:

7.0" Dual Color touch screen

9)Drive Power:


10)Working Period:

Continuously stand-by working for 12 hours

11)Electrical Requirements:

100/110V, 50~60HZ or 230~260V, 50~60HZ



13) Hand piece

1 piece

14)Net Weight: