* E-light(IPL+RF)Model: MED-130

Detailed Product Description

E-light hair removal MED130C

1.Hair removal

2.skin rejuvenation

3.remove pigment


E-light hair removal MED130C


1.How it works

E-Light combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar Radio Frequency + IPL +Skin Contact Cooling.

When the three are united in one treatment, wonderful treatment experience and result can be expected. The energy of Radio Frequency can reach the middle and deep layer of the skin and heat up tissue, thus, lower energy is applied during the IPL treatment. Uncomfortable feeling during the IPL treatment will be decreased significantly and better result can be expected. In addition, cooling system involved in E-light can also ease the uncomfortable feeling.

The absorbing of the energy of radio frequency is not concerned with melanin.

So, the E-Light treatment can get good result on the soft or thin hair so as to decrease the risk caused by traditional IPL treatment.


1) Everlasting hair removal: remove unwanted hairs under arms, on legs, lips or other body parts, etc.

2) Skin care and rejuvenation.

3) Pigmentation treatment: remove various kinds of pigment such as freckle, chloasma, aged spots, sunburn, etc.

4) Telangiectasis treatment: treat angiotelectasis.

5) Acne treatment: papule, tuber, blain, acne, etc. and glossiness


1) High-efficiency and comfort: large spot size ensures high-efficient operation

2) Safe and harmless: RF technology eliminates all possible side effects and

danger caused by IPL

3) Entire cooling system makes the treatment more comfortable.

4) Interchangeable filters for different treatment item and easy cleaning.

5) User-friendly interface.

6) New fashionable outlook design




1) Wavelength:

430/530/590/640/690~1200nm (standard)

480/520/755~1200nm (Optional)

2) Spot Size: 12*30mm²,15*35mm² (standard), 15*50mm for optional

3) Cooling System: Air Cooling & Close Water Circulation &

Treatment Head with Semiconductor Cooling

4) IPL Light Energy: 0~50J/cm2

5) Pulse Duration: 1~20ms

6) Pulse Sequence: 1~15 pulses

7) Delay Time: 1~50ms

8) Integrated Skin Cooling:-10°C~-4°C

9) Operation Interface:8.4 TFT True Color LCD Screen

10) Drive Power: 2000W

11) Working Period: Continuously stand-by working for 14 hours

12) Electrical Requirements: 100/110V, 50~60HZ or 230~260V, 50~60HZ

13) Dimension: 50cm*46cm*125cm(L*W*H)

14) Hand-piece: 2 pieces

15) Net Weight: 48k



* E-light(IPL+RF)Model: MED-100

* Applications:


1)   Hair removal:limbs hair, axillary hair, beard, lip hairs, etc.

2)    Skin rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore, remove acne, etc.

3)    Speckle removal: freckle, age pigment, sunburn, birthmark, etc.

4)    Vascular Lesions: telangiectasia, rosacea, spider angiomatas, etc

5)    Remove wrinkles on the neck,face,etc.


* Features & Advantages:


1)        Medical CE approved

2)        Multilingual interface,13 languages optional.

3)        Interchangeable Xeon lamp cartridge.

4)        Durable sapphire crystal light guide.

5)        Five standard and Interchangeable filters for different treatment

6)        Five spot sizes for option

7)        Plug and play, water-proof connectors.

8)        Three cooling systems make treatment more safe and comfortable

9)        Portable and innovative design,IC card and stand available


* Working Theory:


E-light is the first and only technology that combines optical (light) energy and bipolar radio frequency (RF). By incorporating the RF means a lower level of light energy can be used (up to 60% less) making it safer and gentler than other systems.

Gentle pulses of targeted energy isolate the treatment area and leave the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects. In addition to permanent hair reduction for most hair colors and skin types, E-light effectively and comfortably treats rosacea, spider veins; skin imperfections caused by sun damage, age spots, enlarged pores and uneven skin tones. A series of E-light treatments will leave your skin smoother clearer with a tighter more youthful appearance.


* Technical parameters:



530/640~1200nm(standard)     430/480/560/590/690/750~1200nm(Optional)

2)Spot Size;

12*33mm² (standard);




4)Pulse Duration:


5)Pulse Sequence:

1-15 pulses

6)Delay time:


7)Operation Interface:

7.4" TFT True Color LCD Screen

8)IPL Drive Power:


9)RF Power Output:


10)Electrical Requirements:

100/110V, 50~60HZ or 230~260V, 50~60HZ

11)Integrated Skin Cooling:


12)Cooling System:

Air Cooling & Close Water Circulation  &

Treatment Head with Semiconductor Cooling

13)Working Period:

Continuously stand-by working for 12 hours