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yag laser for ablative scar removal machine MED-830

yag laser for ablative scar removal machine MED-830


Detailed Product Description

er yag laser

*Skin rejuvenation

*Wrinkle dispelling,non-ablative Scar removal

*Remove skin damaged by sun

*ITC Medical CE


Q-switch laser

Q-switch Laser(Tattoo Removal)

Laser tattoo removal
1)Removal tattoo, eyeliner, eye brow
2)Remove dermis spot, fleck
3)TFT true color screen operation

Laser CO2 Fractional

CO2 Fractional Laser 850

Detailed Product Description


CO2 laser beauty machine
*Skin rejuvenation
*Wrinkle dispelling,Scar removal
*Remove skin damaged by sun
*ITC Medical CE

Erbium Glass Laser

Er(Erbium) Glass Laser (1540 nm)

Detailed Product Description


Wrinkle Removal/Acne and Scar Removal/Pigmented Lesions Removal/Age-spots, Sun-spots and Freckles Removal/Complexion Improving&

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