Tose-e Tejarat Sarmaye farin hirad Co. (PJS)

The company located in the North East with the countries adjacent to Iran and Turkmenistan and Afghanistan and troops with the necessary facilities and economic projects aimed toward proximity to regional markets and the world is established. Including the company's activities do any Commercial and business operations authorized internal and external trade of all goods, and giving representation to obtain natural and legal persons, foreign goods import and export of Iranian goods, technical services, and the right to buy and sell goods or Lml work, do all the steps Affairs related to the order, customs, clearance after obtaining the necessary permits .  also  Hirad Co is a member of the Iran Medical Equipment Department and this allows company to import medical equipment from foreign companies with international standards is valid.


IPL Med 110C

IPL Med 110C



Detailed Product Description


1.IPLQuality guarantee

2.IPL Good after-sales service

3. IPL OEM manufacture

4.IPL with CE approve

Multifunctional E-light System

Multifunctional E-light System




Detailed Product Description

E-light hair removal MED130C

1.Hair removal rejuvenation

3.remove pigment

4.breast lift

1.High lift pump:5.5m-6m, accelerate water circulation, and secure long working time, also extend the lifespan of xenon lamp.
2.IPL filter: fit for EMC standard.
3.Water tank: compose of steel and plastic, upgraded from stainless steel, solidly protect water tank from stain.
4.Interchangeable xenon lamp cartridge., only 3 steps for changing a lamp.
5.Equalizing resistance: guarantee each capacitor with same quantity of electron, and improve the stability of energy output.


E-light(IPL+RF)Model: MED-100

* E-light(IPL+RF)Model: MED-100

E-light is the first and only technology that combines optical (light) energy and bipolar radio frequency (RF). By incorporating the RF means a lower level of light energy can be used (up to 60% less) making it safer and gentler than other systems. ................


* Applications:


1) Hair removal:limbs hair, axillary hair, beard, lip hairs, etc.

2) Skin rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore, remove acne, etc.

3) Speckle removal: freckle, age pigment, sunburn, birthmark, etc.

4) Vascular Lesions: telangiectasia, rosacea, spider angiomatas, etc

5) Remove wrinkles on the neck,face,etc.

Med -320 Touch Screen Cavitation Machine

Med -320 Touch Screen Cavitation  Machine


Detailed Product Description

1.Touch Screen Cavitation Weight loss Machine

2.body fat testing, weight loss, body shaping


5. 46*54*120cm, 0.5-25W

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