Thermage Face Lift

Thermage treatment offers a non surgical solution for those on a quest to tighten and firm aging skin. The Thermage face lift employs a radio-frequency device to energize the growth of collagen, remove fine lines and wrinkles and bestow a youthful appearance on the skin. Thermage treatment provides individuals with results that can immediately be seen in the way of tighter skin and smoother appearances. The Thermage procedure is utilized on many areas of the body that are often difficult to treat. Many individuals are utilizing Thermage for eye wrinkles, stomach sagging and for the treatment of acne scars


Thermage treatment - Length and details of the Thermage face lift

Thermage treatment is becoming very popular among individuals seeking face lift alternatives due to its minimal discomfort. The Thermage procedure is utilized on many areas of the body that are often difficult to treat. Throughout the Thermage procedure the top layers of the skin are protected with a cooling spray while the Thermage wand heats the collagen layer with radio-frequency energy. Thermage's heat component acts upon the skin's deeper layers which results in the skin tightening. Thermage's heating procedure results in the development of new collagen which is key to firming skin and improving its feel and appearance.

Thermage treatment is an outpatient procedure that generally requires 15 minutes to an hour for treatment depending on the region and level of treatment.

Thermage follows the philosophy of providing cosmetic benefits while seeking to minimize pain. As previously mentioned Thermage seeks to provide comfort by continually deploying a cooling mist during the procedure. Individuals describe the sensations that are felt as a short, deep heating sensation. In a further commitment to comfort, many physicians provide anesthetic cream that can be utilized on individuals with extremely sensitive skin.

Thermage recovery time

After undergoing the Thermage Procedure, individuals should able to immediately resume their regular activities. Individuals may encounter a mild redness not unlike that of sunburn following the procedure. The appearance of redness is temporary and generally dissipates rapidly. While no additional or special care required after treatment it is advised that sunscreen be utilized as a component of proper skin care.

Thermage side effects

The Thermage procedure is utilized across the world and has accumulated an exceedingly safe record. Thermage has been safely utilized in an estimated 70,000 + treatments. In these 70,000+ Thermage treatments less than 1%.of procedures resulted in side effects. Of these reported side effects the majority of temporary issues consisted of redness, swelling, blisters and bumps. The majority of these side effects disappeared within 3 to 10 days. If you are seeking Thermage treatment, your doctor will be the best resource for answering questions and determining your compatibility with Thermage.

Thermage results: Are they long-lasting?

An individual will continue to see improvements for a number of months following a single Thermage treatment. The duration of results will depend on the individual state of aging process. Thermage's impact on collagen can result in a single Thermage treatment lasting several years. The majority of Thermage results typically last approximately two or more years.

Thermage cost

Your Thermage cost will depend on your individual needs and your geographic location. As with any procedure, prices for a Thermage procedure in Orange County will differ from Thermage prices in procedure in Dallas. The average cost for a Thermage treatment will vary between $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the size and duration of treatment.

Will my insurance cover a Thermage treatment?

Like most elective procedures, the Thermage procedure will not be covered by standard health insurance policies.

In closing it is important to consult with your doctor regarding the benefits and risks of Thermage treatment. Your doctor will be able to asses your feasibility for treatment and will further discuss expectations and goals to determine if Thermage is right for you.